Amid the pandemic of chaos in the festival movement appeared first alarm of certainty: the film festival in San Sebastian has announced part of its competition program. Says Andrey Plakhov.After having been postponed until next year the festival de Cannes, festivals in Karlovy vary and Locarno film world with the hope of waiting for the main film industry events of autumn. Confidently expresses its intention to go in the period, in early September, the Venice film festival, but it will be announced only at the end of July, and conditions, which will be screened, and the scale of their audience is unclear until the end. We only know that some of them will be in the same film will be shown simultaneously in multiple theaters, to avoid excessive accumulation of public, and archive views are generally transferred to Bologna.But the festival in San Sebastian, which will be held later, at the end of September, and it sends invitations to foreign journalists and, to the delight of movie lovers, has announced part of the official program. It will open a new woody Allen film “Festival Rifkin”, that was specially filmed for this occasion. The picture tells the story about the amorous adventures experienced by an American couple that is at the festival in San Sebastian. Magic city and the magic of movies invade the lives of the characters; she falls to the French Director, he’s a local beauty. San Sebastian is familiar woody Allen and became the next place of his cinematic pilgrimages after London, Venice, Paris and Barcelona. In the new film the master played by Elena Anaya, Gina Gershon, Louis Garrel and Christoph waltz.Another famous Director, long associated ties with the festival in San Sebastian, françois Ozon; on four occasions he participated in the local contest and he won. This time the competition program included a new picture of the Ozone “Summer 1985” is a nostalgic resort retro love story between 16-year-old Alexi and 18-year-old David. The competition includes also film the Japanese Naomi Kawase’s “Real mother” is about a childless couple, faced with the difficulties of adoption. Lithuanian Sarunas Bartas will show the film “twilight” — about the struggle of the partisans against the Soviet regime after the Second world war. The Dane Thomas Vinterberg in the new film “one More” with Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role raises the debate about the benefits and dangers of alcohol. A Georgian debutante DEA Kulumbegashvili puts the action-Packed drama “the Beginning” on Wednesday, the sect of Jehovah’s witnesses.Listed five competition films entered in the symbolic list, compiled by the curators of the festival de Cannes, which was eventually cancelled due to the coronavirus. To be added others, such as the Japanese “are There any crybabies around?”, Director Takuma Sato says�� tragicomic story of a man who was completely naked and drunk on live television and is now afraid to go back from Tokyo to her native village.The question remains whether to drive to San Sebastian the stars and creators of the movies: the epidemiological situation in many countries and in late September, can remain problematic. Yet announced: the winner of “Donostia” for contribution to world cinema will be actor Viggo Mortensen.Amid a General recovery began to show signs of life and of the festivals, manifesting a new, shifted to the fall and winter terms. In a break between San Sebastian and Venice decided to fit in Sochi “Kinotavr” (11-18 September), which will soon announce its programme. October will begin with the Moscow film festival, followed by “Kinoshok” in Anapa, “Pacific Meridian” in Vladivostok and “Message to man” in St. Petersburg. Always held in August in Vyborg festival “the Window to Europe” will be replaced by a summer landscape in winter and will take place in December. However, we must understand that while all of these plans focus on optimistic development scenario, and the life is the most unpredictable, the playwright may make decisive adjustments.