The Swiss Online Furniture retailer Beliani has taken care of the beginning of the year headlines: The Zug-based company wants furniture from the summer of 2019 its range of around 3000 articles, from the bed to the garden, newly in the whole of Switzerland for rent. “Expats, trendsetters, students, or young couples with limited Budget that want to set up your first apartment, or the Start-ups are the target group”, says Stephan Widmer, CEO and Co-founder of Beliani. The subscription period of the furniture rental for Beliani is expected to last for 12 or 24 months. “We are now in the initial Phase. The exact details of the contract, such as term and termination, are currently being developed,” says Widmer.

Also in the case of Ikea can be also rented. A precise launch date wants to communicate to Ikea in the next few weeks. The Swedish furniture giant wants to test the lease offer for the time being in Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. While Ikea aims at business customers and private individuals. The procedures for contract and subscription are currently in development and is not yet a judgment, it shall inform Ikea.

Increasing demand for furniture rental

New is the rental of housing facilities in Switzerland. Furniture online rent, can you Packimpex for 15 years at the company from Thörishaus. The Swiss market leader in the rental of furniture and supplies over 200 customers per year – and rising. Expats took a long time, mainly in the cities of Zurich, Zug, Lucerne and Bern to the rental service of Packimpex, the different furniture lines, the Bern-based company today more and more also in the homes of younger tenants. “In the case of students and Young Professionals, the demand of Furniture has increased,” says Ahmad Touhami, Manager, Temporary Living Services Packimpex.

In contrast to Ikea and Beliani must be completed at Packimpex no subscription contract. You only pay the effective lease period of the home furnishings. This is a Short version of a few weeks or a long term rental over a number of years. “This flexibility, and our tailored rental solutions, ranging from ready-to-use setup and Installation of the TV or the coffee machine are important to our customers and distinguishes us from other Furniture rental companies,” says Touhami. Manager, CEOs, or Young Professionals from international companies were often very short term in another country, which required flexible Mietvarianten. Accordingly, one looks at Packimpex the new Furniture rental services by Beliani and Ikea also left.

New competitors as an opportunity,

Similar to the FLC Furniture GmbH & co. comment: Since the end of 2012, the company from Germany offers also in Switzerland, home furniture, electric devices, and temporary kitchens, starting with a Lease term of four weeks. Is rents on the one hand, directly to end-users, but also to the personnel departments of large companies as well as Relocation companies and owners of furnished Business Apartments cooperates FLC Furniture on a regular basis. “We see the entry of Ikea, and other companies, such as Otto, in Germany, in the furniture rental market as an opportunity, the sustainable furniture concept in our society, to solidify and to new target groups,” explains Daniel Ishikawa, founder and CEO of FLC Furniture.

Even rental furniture according to Ishikawa are a niche market that appeals primarily to Expats and commuters, but still not the ordinary consumer. “Nine out of ten people do not even know that you could rent residential furniture.” That could change by the new players such as Beliani and Ikea soon.

sustainability is a growing Trend,

Ishikawa looks, in particular, in the case of younger customers to rent, such as students and Young Professionals, less fear of contact with the idea of residential furniture on a short – or long-term.

in Addition, the sustainability Trend is also reflected in the furnishing industry, noticeable. “More and more people think, whether it makes sense to buy furniture to give it a few years later to the dump.” In cooperation with the organization, One Tree is Planted themselves FLC Furniture has obliged, therefore, to volunteer to plant for each furniture delivery, a tree.

dear Community, what do you think of the idea to be able to apartment for rent? Can you imagine also, to rent furniture, or you have tried it before? Tell us in the comments or send a Mail to

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