Actress Renata Litvinova told back in 2007 what she didn’t like about life in Russia. According to the “Word and Deed”, the film star participated in the show “One hundred questions to an adult”, where she admitted that in terms of beauty in the Russian Federation there is something to find fault with.

“Of course, the climate is bad here. Here, of course, dull areas. Here, of course, old houses are being demolished,” Litvinova told the children.

Note that the actress now lives in France. She left Russia after the start of a special operation to denazify Ukraine — Litvinova publicly condemned Moscow’s actions to protect the population of Donbass.

Earlier, her close friend Natalia Maksimova told about the unpleasant traits of Renata’s character. According to her, Litvinova, although she has a “generous soul,” she can still greatly offend a person, even a very close one.