the organizers of the marathon – a “All are free” (St.-Petersburg), “Marshak” (Moscow), “Piotrowski” (Ekaterinburg, Perm), “word Order” (St.-Petersburg) and “Change” (Kazan). To the question – what has books music, the representatives of the stores give the following answer: “We all love music, we sell good books about music, and some of us even publish them. Finally, we are able not only to sell books, but doing a cool event, so among our friends many artists, a “Change” in Kazan and “word Order” in St. Petersburg have their local music events and festivals. And we think that music and books can best bring people together and help together to overcome any circumstances.”

the race will take part Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrey Kotov (Sirin), Sergey Starostin, Olga Lapshina, Maria Lapshina, Evgeny Fedorov (Tequilajazzz), Psoy Korolenko, Nike Borzov, Renata Litvinova, Lech Nikonov, Alexei Borisov, Groin, Vera Polozkova, Arseny Baptist, Sirotkin and others.

the Presenters of the festival – well-known music journalists and literary critics: Denis Boyarinov, Alexey Munipov, Anna Narinsky, Felix Sandalov, Galina Yuzefovich. Co-host of the festival will include representatives of independent bookstores: a Love Beletskaya (“All are free”), Kirill Maevsky (“Change”), Mikhail Maltsev (Piotrovsky), Sergey Karpov (“Marshak”), Konstantin Shavlovsky (“word Order”).

the question – how to support the campaign – the answer is: on the festival website, a link to it in the beginning, there is an option of Donation Alerts.