With the girl group Little Mix (“Shout Out To My Ex”) is celebrating it since 2011, was a great success. Previously your life but looked no less beautiful. The singer Jade Thirlwall (26) speaks in the Podcast “BBC Sounds of the Life Hacks” for the first time about her claims to “darkest Chapter in the life of” your anorexia disease as a teenager.

As your Grosspapi died, came the anorexia

Already at the age of 13, shortly after the death of her grandfather, she developed the Esstörung: “I was very thin, my Ribs came out. In order to conceal this, I have worn baggy clothes,” she shared. “I felt because of everything that happened in my life, so depressed. I just wanted to die.”

for Five years she had to deal with these problems. Up came the turning point: “The Doctors told me that I had not long to live, if I would change anything.” Only then will you have realized what you sideboard at all, and how bad it must be for your family. You have acted much too selfish, and not to friends and family.

The anorexia gave her control

Only thanks to a therapy you’ve noticed that the anorexia was the one that made her life difficult. Previously, you heard voices, you have poisoned the eating disorder again and again, and you had to eat normal. “Anorexia was something I could control. And to control something, gave me a feeling of happiness,” she said.

Just a few weeks after the end of your therapy, in the summer of 2011, applied Thirlwall for the British Casting Show “X-Factor” that you as a member of “Little Mix” as the first girl band ever won.

No fear of relapse

Today, Thirlwall makes the work of enlightenment and visited victims in hospitals, to tell of their experiences. Difficult the constant discussion about the figure and that there is always unflattering photos in your awareness. But also because of the Little Mix cross-look-singer on it. With the song “Strip” the tape for a positive body image.

A relapse, it excludes: “I’m always aware that this can destroy my career,” says the Briton. “Sure, I’m sometimes not good. But today, I don’t connect the food. I do not punish me in this way.” (imh)