Lithuania lost in court dispute with

Lithuania finally lost in court lasted nearly eight years, the dispute with “Gazprom” about compensation of 1.4 billion Euro, which Lithuania considers overpayment for Russian gas supplies in 2004-2012

Supreme court of Sweden (vssh) in December 2019, has rejected a request by Lithuania to reconsider the decision of the court of Appeal of Sweden (assh), according to which Lithuania will receive EUR 1.4 billion for allegedly overpaid for Russian gas. “The court does not give reasons for its decisions”, — explained in the Ministry of energy of Lithuania, reports “Interfax”.

the proceedings in the Stockholm arbitration and the Swedish courts cost Lithuania at 10.5 million euros. To pay for an attorney 2012-2016 spent 9.5 million euros, 950 million euros spent on lawyers in 2016-2019

Lithuania in the dispute with “Gazprom” has presented the U.S. Shearman&Sterling, as well as Lithuanian lawyers from Lawin and Tark Grunte Sutkiene.

the Stockholm arbitration court in June 2016 is not found guilty of “Gazprom”, but acknowledged that the Russian company supplying gas to Lithuania and driving stock company Lietuvos dujos, has caused a conflict of interest.

Lithuania appealed against the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in assh, but in July 2019 assh refused to modify the arbitration award. After that, Lithuania has filed a complaint with the vssh.