Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the scheme the payment of allowances to doctors working with infected mers patients in the regions, “bureaucratic thread,” according to The head of state explained to local officials, what the doctors are getting a raise.

The statement of the national leader was made at a selector meeting with heads of regions. Putin expressed indignation at the fact that in some areas of the overhead physicians are still not paid. He recalled that, in announcing the initiative, explained all the details. However, not all of the President’s words were interpreted correctly.

“I named specific figures for these payments. Specific figures for the work with coronavirus patients. Not for being there 5-10 minutes or 2 hours, but for the fact of working. No, threw around some kind of bureaucratic rigmarole. Assume there started to watch some,” – said Putin.

The President stressed that on June 15, relying all doctors should receive money on account of doctors.

“I Hope that today if somewhere else is not done, everything will be done completely,” – said the head of state.