the network has listed the most popular mistakes of tourists at check-in to hotel and out of it. About this in an interview with Travel & Leisure said co-founder and CEO of the booking service HotelTonight Sam Shank (Sam Shank).

According to him, first and foremost, guests are kindly requested to consult the accommodation information about the resort fees — for example, about whether they are included in the room rate.

in Addition, he said, guests need to be interested in the possibility of early check in or late check out, because sometimes the request can be satisfied without additional charges. Moreover, tourists should not neglect their comfort during sleep. “I always request a room away from the Elevator on the upper floors, with a window on the quiet street or the courtyard,” explained Shank.

in addition, it was found that travelers often forget before leaving to check if they’d left the room any belongings, and do not provide the hotel a valid contact information, don’t tip service personnel, check the final score before the eviction and often overpay for the upgrade.

21 APR CEO Tim Hentschel listed the top tips for tourists in choosing accommodation for the holidays. First and foremost, in his view, when booking a trip you must ensure that the hotel or near it for the period of stay is not planned any large scale events, such as entertainment or sports.