the Scientific team from Spain’s University of Navarra has listed foods that speed up aging. It is reported by La Vanguardia.

Experts believe that food with a high degree of processing accelerates the aging of cells. For example, bakery products and snacks, sodas, desserts, cereals, sugar, processed foods and reconstituted meat products are considered ultrabroadening.

This food has a high content of preservatives and dyes, as well as sugar, fat and salt. While it is poor in vitamins and fiber.

the study indicated that eating these foods reduces the end portions of chromosomes, the telomeres. They get shorter with age due to the natural processes in the body, however, products with a high degree of processing speed up this process.

the experiment was conducted with the participation of 886 people aged 57 to 91 years. The researchers studied the relationship between the diet of the volunteers and long telomeres. The results showed that people who trebley more than three servings ultrabranch products a day, two times increased chance of shortening of telomeres.

Previously, the dietician of clinic number 1 Manager of the President’s Faith Charochkina listed useful in the context of pandemic products. They turned out to be yogurt, Kombucha, herbs and cod liver oil. Charochkina also noted that dill, parsley and green onions should be included in daily diet.