Usually the panel, the programme ‘the Mads and the Monopoly’ used to help them on two legs, but recently joined the radio program also a lizard to undsætnng.

A listener has written in and told of how a ‘Mads and Monopolet’podcast had a good effect on their small puppy.

the Puppy Kashmir had problems with having to be alone, so ejerparret didn’t know quite what to do. Until they got the idea to turn on the ‘Mads and Monopolet’.

They put a new radio program to play, while the little dog was left in the three quarter in the utility room.

the Test should really stand, as the kæresteparret, who owns the dog, going to work for the first time, after the puppy moved in.

Again, it turned out that the radio program had a positive effect, writes the listener, in a letter which has been sent out on the ‘Mads and the Monopoly’s Facebook page.

But when they came home again, lay the small Kashmir just and wagged.

There was no feces on the floor, nothing had bitten into pieces or gutted, writes the owner.

‘I do not know whether the puppy seemed, to other people’s problems and fuck-ups were soporific boring, or if it was your quiet, gentle and soft manderøst, who did it, but quiet and sweet was it,’ writes the listener to the Mads Steffensen.

the Lookup, as, ‘the Mads and the Monopoly’ have posted on their Facebook, has received over 2,000 likes in an hour.

Along with the text, follows a little picture of the little plyssede Kashmir, which now can be home alone without any problems.

the Owner asks the people behind the radio program give the good advice to other dog owners, and it is hereby done through social media.