According to “New York Times” received by the group in the last ten years, repeated warnings on security risks, but partially ignored. The newspaper relies on hundreds of pages of internal E-Mails, and documents of the company and documents of public authorities, as well as Interviews with more than a dozen employees.

Specifically, it is, therefore, partly for the massive security concerns in the “Dreamliner”-manufacturing in the Boeing plant in North Charleston in the U.S. state of South Carolina. Homemade problems like excessive production pressure and lack of qualifications of employees to have led to defects in manufacturing. So metal shavings were not removed properly and the defective parts in the aircraft have been installed.

Boeing has dismissed the allegations. The company produce at the plant in South Carolina to the highest level of quality in its history, said Boeing’s head of commercial aircraft division, Kevin McAllister.

The U.S. aviation authority FAA has announced, meanwhile, an international Review of recent innovations in aircraft of the type Boeing 737 MAX. According to a FAA notice by the Friday ten different aviation authorities will be involved in the Test. This is on 29. April start and 90 days. Boeing had made on Wednesday in a last test flight for the software update.

According to the FAA will be sending the aeronautical authorities of Australia, Brazil, China, the EU, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates representatives. Add to this the experts from the FAA and the US space Agency NASA. Together, they are to check for three months, the new technology from Boeing.

The US group, after two crashes of his best-selling series, the 737 Max within a few months is massively in the criticism. According to initial investigation reports, a manufacturers fault in a control software is suspected to be a key cause of the accidents, with a total of 346 deaths.