Is there something going on between the two? Mats Hummels’ (33) ex-date Lisa Straube (21) fueled the rumor mill with a photo from the villa of rapper Drake (35). Now it is clear: Yes, at least for the cameras. Because Lisa plays the Canadian rapper’s bride in Drake’s new music video “Falling Back”.

Even if she is only one of a total of 23 brides in the video that the rapper marries, Lisa has a special honor: At the big table after the ceremony, the Dortmund native can sit right next to Drake and look deep into his eyes. Her name also appears twice throughout the clip. The video could therefore provide a real career boost for the young influencer.

In any case, Lisa herself seems to be really proud of her latest job. On Instagram, she posted pictures from the shoot, which show her in a low-cut wedding dress with lace. Below she writes “Just Married” (in German: “Freshly married”) and marks the 35-year-old rapper.

Bushido and his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker once bought a park-like property with three villas in the Berlin suburb of Kleinmachnow. Two belonged to the clan leader, one to the rapper. Now Bushido’s luxury property has been foreclosed on. The 21-year-old son of the clan leader was awarded the contract.

First, a curious TV interview is broadcast. In this, Nathalie Volk and her “re-boyfriend” Frank Otto report how he allegedly “bought” her out of the relationship with rocker Timur A. Now her ex’s answer follows – in the form of a spicy chat message.

At a wedding in Uzbekistan, the groom completely loses his composure. When his newlywed wife beats him in a wedding game, he freaks out and beats his bride in front of all the wedding guests.

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