As the Trine Hansen was in the ‘Lion’s den’, she and her business the experienced lions down of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm living, apparently, on among the Danish consumers.

Coronakrisen despite it goes as well for the aarhus-business Party In A Box, offering boxes with decorations and other accessories for festive occasions.

“Last month I made omsætningsrekord – march was better than January, where I was in the ‘Lion’s den’,” she says.

While she is talking with B. T. over the phone, she is to pack the car. Even though the calendar now april, she is still busy.

“There will be over strong. There have been packing around the clock at the latest. My corona-the time has been anything but quiet,”

It is not because the Party In A Box-the owner does not have the brand coronakrisen. The company lives by to be able to provide decorations for the celebrations, but as we know not many of for the time being.

“‘When we are not allowed to gather more than 10 and preferably not even so many – what can I do’, I asked myself. I had to do something. Otherwise it would be a terrible month,” says Trine Hansen.

“I have, fortunately, good investors and good economy, but had to think out of the box.”

The 29-year-old woman came therefore to think of the parents who right now have a great deal of time with their children, and decided to make an ‘easter-creativ-box’ for children. A box of creative activities.

She will not go into the detailed figures for omsætningsrekorden in march, but says that 50 percent of the revenue came from the easter box. In all she sent just under 500 left.

“It was not happened if I had not been thinking out of the box.”

Trine Hansen continues now with the to go other ways than the usual. She has just launched a champagneboks, which is made in collaboration with another business, and before long there is also a ‘mother’s day’-box on the way.

She believes it is important for the particular entrepreneurs to seek solutions rather than to sit down and wait. In any case it is what works for her.

“in general I am super happy and optimistic. There is a lot to turn me out.”

It does not mean, however, that coronakrisen not have created some challenges for her. Usually she has an intern to help out, but she is sent home for now.

the Plan was also that the entrepreneur should move to a larger warehouse. However, it was never a reality before the prime minister Mette Frederiksen Denmark closed down. Consequently, all the work of a 24 square meter large cellar.

“the Logistics are just crazy. On the way I marked the crisis in my business – that should run very fast under poor conditions,” says Trine Hansen.

“I am, however, grateful that I said yes to the big room with a big rent, which could have killed the business, if it now had not gone well.”

Challenges despite can be shown easily call the tale of Trine Hansen and Party In A Box for a success story in these corona-times.

“we do what We can, and once a year we look back on it here, I will probably think ‘shut up, it was fun’.”