Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo celebrated the turn of the year with her superstar husband and shared photos of her family’s celebrations, but their future in Spain remains uncertain as they plan their next move in 2021.

After spending the entirety of his career at Barcelona, Messi looks set to depart the Camp Nou at the end of the 2020/21 season and, unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of potential landing spots for the Argentine ace and his family.

Manchester City have constantly been linked with Messi, thanks to the combination of the club’s seemingly bottomless finances, plus the presence of Messi’s former manager, Pep Guardiola at the helm at the Etihad.

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But while City may be considered frontrunners by some, they’re not the only viable option for Messi’s next move.

Paris Saint-Germain are blessed with a similarly hefty bankroll that could easily cope with the financial demands of securing Messi’s signature, and also offer the lure of life in one of the most famous, cosmopolitan capital cities in the world.

But perhaps the most interesting option has emerged recently, with Messi himself stating an interest in potentially playing in the United States as part of the MLS.

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“I would like to play in the United States and experience life and the league there, but ultimately come back to Barcelona in some capacity,” he said.

“I’m not thinking too far ahead in the short term and just want to see how the season finishes.”

His comments haven’t been restricted to the playing side of life Stateside, with reports from Spain suggesting that Messi wants to move to Miami in 2023 in order to get his kids into high school and prepare them for life at university.

It all means that Messi has plenty of options in front of him when he eventually exits Barcelona. And, with his wife and kids in tow, life after Barca looks sure to be rosy for the 33-year-old star.