Lionel Messi (32) is a well-known face. For the French television, but probably not well known enough…

Funny Messi-likelihood of the TV!

What had happened? The station M6, shows a post about well-known athletes, the donations in the Corona-crisis. To see on a screen behind the presenter while Tennis Star Roger Federer (38):. Next to him, Lionel Messi (32) is to be seen with his arms crossed.

Here are the League gamble-Stars Hakimi hits with themselves! Source: DFL 3:57 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

Problem of sending: It is not the Superstar of FC Barcelona. It is his Iranian DoppelgangeR Reza Parastesh! The looks of the Argentines really are confusingly similar.

to remain Unique but, what is the athlete donations in the Corona-crisis. Messi should have a hospital in Barcelona and one in his Argentinian home to one Million euros donated.