” Warning, constructing piq Robot is watching you ! “(” Attention, constructing piq Robot is watching you ! “). Signs with this warning could be installed around all of the golf courses on the planet. Because constructing piq Robot saves 195 000 data per minute for every golfer who sets this “nano-computer” on his glove. However, this sensor has nothing to do with “Big Brother” of the golf. On the contrary : it is a source of information inexhaustible, a good way to analyze his game and so perfect.

“golfers have an appetite for data”

The object itself, ” constructing piq “, weighs only ten grams, but is a concentrate of technology. “We rely on three technologies, explains the Point Cédric Mangaud, the co-founder of the start-up. We give via GPS coordinates, the distance to the hole (the Range Finder). Then, we analyze the swing (speed, amplitude), which was previously possible in the laboratory. Finally, we propose a “short tracking” data that allow to know what is the club most appropriate for each shot.”

A wealth of data accessible in real time via his smartphone, which delighted the golfers. “By nature, these are athletes who have a desire for data analysis. They want to measure everything, understand what they are doing and how to improve, provides Cédric Mangaud. It is a discipline that is very demanding where one is constantly seeking explanations about his way of playing “. The application is for players with a disability from 30 to 10 and who wish to dissect their actions, and collect data to gain consistency, one of the major factors of performance in golf.

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Fifty engineers mobilized for development

by constructing piq Robot, however, is not intended to replace the coach. “It is a tool which can enable it to be more relevant during its course, to focus on the progress of his pupil. But there are too many elements to be taken into account in the golf course (the quality of the grass, the place where one is positioned on the course) for constructing piq replaces a coach. “

to develop this product, two years were needed to a team of 50 engineers, all based in France. Constructing piq Robot is initially associated with Mobitee, an app that records GPS points of the majority of golf courses around the world. Then, it took focus to analyze the swing of golfers. “We have developed algorithms related to the movements before we rely on artificial intelligence to achieve this,” says the co-founder of the start-up that evokes ” a long-term job “.

Soon a watch connected ?

priced at 249 euros for two years, constructing piq Robot impresses, especially in the United States. “The u.s. market represents 35 % of our turnover,” stresses Cédric Mangaud, recalling that the United States is the country that has the largest number of practitioners around the world (80 million players). Especially, in addition to golf, the solution by constructing piq has been adapted to other sports as part of tennis rackets, skis or by attaching to the wrists of boxers.

Sport and artificial intelligence are, therefore, good housekeeping and the future is bright for the sector, especially with the emergence of watches connected to it. “The practice of sport offers to the smartwatchs use of specific, beyond the reading of the time or e-mails,” says the co-founder of constructing piq Robot.

For him, the functions of its “nano-computer” should in the medium term be integrated in the watches that are connected in order to appeal to a wider audience. But the future is also achieved through the management of the data, particularly for the golfers : “There can be a tendency to give them too much information to digest. However, the idea is not to transmit all the datas, but only the ones that have the most value in order to bring real benefits every time they go on a journey. “Definitely, the golfer 2.0 has beautiful days in front of him !

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