With their new Album “Artemis” is a rose-Star violinist Lindsey Stirling (33) directly to place 13 in the Swiss Charts. The American has created with a Mix of classical compositions and modern electronic rhythms and dance-a rare combination. This Interaction has created a completely new Genre.

The acceptance of your own style, you had to fight for but hard. “First of all, I could bring anyone to believe in what I tried,” she explains in an interview with LOOK. “On the one hand, because never before someone in this way is occurred, the other because it just looked really weird.”

Stirling is a self-critical: it was not initially have been really good, but with time and much Training she’s gotten better. Now she dances with fancy costumes on the stage and thrilled the audience.

the Greatest appearance, despite the lack of audience

she became Famous through the Internet. Despite the lack of support at the beginning of Stirling invited Videos of her Performances on Youtube with success. They built a huge fan base and now has over 12 million subscribers on the Online platform.

In August, dared Stirling online a step further. In “The Wave”, a so-called Virtual-Reality Club, she gave her first virtual concert. To watch, it took only a VR-glasses. With the help of immersing in a fantasy world, and met Stirling’s Avatar.

For you it was a very special experience, as she explains: “While I appeared, I watched my virtual Avatar on a large Monitor. I’ve never seen before, as I am. It was really cool, in real time, watching as I played. But it was a little funny, because I was with about ten other people in a tiny living room. As I finished the Song, clapped two people, which was strange because I could see the number on the screen and there’s actually more than 100’000 people watching. They were from all over the world. Although there was no audience in the room, it was actually the biggest show that I’ve ever made.”

“He gave us the feeling that we could do anything”

For your greatest appearance, an absence hurt, however, especially: Stephen Stirling, her father, passed away well before two and a half years. This loss accompanied you since then, like a shadow. He had always been the biggest Fan of her and her sisters. “He gave us the feeling that we could do anything. I have the most loving family. My mommy and my daddy supported me in every step I went, and brought many sacrifices to help me. Until today, my sisters are always there to listen to me and build me up.”

Lindsey Stirling-on 9. October 2019, according to Zurich in the Samsung Hall.