But for sure: The people close to Linda Fäh (31) could have the “Donnschtig-Jass” as the successor of Roman Kilchsperger (49) fresh up. Anyway, they brought a LOOK a year into the game. Now Rainer Maria Salzgeber (49) has the cards securely in the Hand. Also a good one. Tonight, the singer is going to. now to the Queen of hearts in “Donnschtig-Jass” from Flums SG It is virtually a home game for you. “On the Flumserberg, I’ve learned to Ski. And it was always a great day-trip destination,” says the singer from Benken SG. She sings in the Show their brand new Song “I dance”. Next summer will be part of the Open Air on the Flumserberg.

A passionate Jasserin

Linda Fäh would be guaranteed to make the Jasstisch a great event. If you find time, she plays often with her family. “My daddy I’ll beat but never,” she says, laughing. If you lost as a child, each a game, she had to put on the pajamas and go to bed. “Thanks to the Jass program, I learned the way the different enzler. I was there and did a lot of training with my father.”

Large compliment of Salzi

We can assume that salt dealer today, the Charmer and Linda warmly welcomes. To LOOK, he already said: “in addition to the passion for the cards we have also in common that we are both been on the Matterhorn.” And then he adds praise: “you did it, and stands today as an Ex-Miss Switzerland in the spotlight, but as a popular singer. As I pull out the trump ACE, uh … my hat.”