In the natural parks of the city bloomed rare plants listed in the Red book of Moscow and a Supervisory list. So, drew the attention of interesting flowers on one stalk is possible to meet from purple, Magenta and blue. This allows you to attract pollinating insects. The rank is considered to be one of the best honey plants.

Honesty reviving, or perennial, also called moon violet. Its striking flower with a fragrant sweet smell also attracts bees. Honesty can be recognized by the buds, which are collected in inflorescence, painted white, pale lilac or dark purple shades.

How to look like bells, they know everything. You can admire them and on natural areas of the city. Lilies included in the oversight list, they cannot be torn, and to trample down the soil around them.

Blossom and delicate blue. It is flat and symmetrical flower has the shape of a wheel and consists of five broad petals with a yellow circle in the middle. Thanks to this harmonious and concise image of forget-me-not is often used in heraldry, and various symbols.

yellow iris, or bog, can be found in damp places, water and on the banks of ponds. It is easily recognized by the bright yellow flowers that grow on a Bush with long pointed leaves. They retain the green color and attractiveness to the frost.