Boris (51) and Lilly Becker (43) in 2009, the Yes-word – separately, they are, since 2018, the divorce is running. In the case of a Shop opening in Berlin on last Friday, spoke Lilly Becker with “Bild am Sonntag” about her state of mind. “I’m okay,” she said. But: “Happy I’m not there yet.”

Since the separation, the two are engaged in a fierce war of the roses. Boris Becker in the London night life last again and again with the Model Layla Powell has been seen, makes the Situation for Lilly. “I know her, she’s nice. London is, in some way, very small,” she says. “We have all the same friends.”

“Then the Next”

you will get very Lilly Becker is the thing then, but not alone. “You know, Boris never had a Problem to get any Girls. If it’s not Layla, it’s Petra or Beyonce and then the Next one comes.” She adds: “the main thing is he is happy, then all is well.”

she herself was not awarded again. “I think at the time to everything, only not to a new man.” The divorce is not through yet, but one thing is clear: “I’ll keep the name Becker, finally, my son is also so.” Lilly and Boris have in common a son, Amadeus. He came in in 2010, a year after the wedding, to the world. (paf)