Likelihood of revolution in the DPRK

The change of the head of the DPRK will not change the political course of the country. This was on the backdrop of speculation about the status of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN said the head of the Center for Korean studies Institute of Far Eastern studies, Alexander Jebin.

the Revolution will not be no one waiting. And it would be better that it was not, and for others countries too, — the expert said in an interview with NSN.

According to Zhebin, in any case, “will come the leadership that will carry out the covenants of the previous leader”. Amid rumors of illness and even the death of Kim Jong-UN checked “on the strength of” heads of other States, according to the orientalist.

Given that information on the death of the leader of North Korea launched CNN, which cool refers to Donald Trump, it is a signal to him, saying that this figure is not, and all your efforts are in vain, — said Jebin.

Earlier reported that on 27 April, the Central newspaper of the DPRK “Rodong Sinmun” reported: North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN continues to work with the documents. He sent a letter of thanks to the builders who are on the East coast of Wonsan Calma built tourist area. The publication of the Chairman of the state Council, the DPRK once again left without fresh pictures of Kim Jong-UN.