Biography Semyon Gavrilovich can serve as the basis for melodrama. After the army I trained to be a projectionist, was preparing to enter the military Academy, but at one point collapsed – killed father-soldier, mother, sister and brother. But almost 15 years ago due to gangrene – among Northern hunters frequent trouble – amputated foot.

Yes, do not return them, but hands – here they are. Gold, they say. On the advice of Olga Rogova, employee Istrinskogo home for the elderly and disabled, Gavrilovic looked to different ornamental sets. More others liked plasticine.

Thin smears of clay on lined pre-Board grandfather semen, as it is often called here, carries the dreams of the native taiga of Ugra, devotes her small stained glass Windows.

Puxico – winner of the regional festival “Wings of soul”, his application was repeatedly recognized as the best in the competition of social projects “Your village”. Well, grant you can easily plan workshops for students and neighbours in the common house – very like watching a virtuoso plasticine painting teacher, following him to try to just “draw”.

the Owner of an unusual surname (“Puxi” in zyryansky means “sit down”) – and even noble gardener – tomatoes-giant breeds. Controlled economy with surprising agility.

– To make the stump not to dirty, jump into the bag edge under the breast is fixed, and so, grasshopper, between the beds gallop-poskoku. Maturity-I gave up the hunt, then the ground did not notice. And now even as notice. But calmed down, looked around, found himself in another, – said the master.

Tomatoes loves civil wife Tatyana. They met here, in a boarding school, and now 8 years together. Banks with pickles for the winter twist Yes creative plans share. Tatiana is passionate about decorating bottles. Well, semen in coronavirus pandemic for the next show a lot of things prepared. It will be interesting to watch.