Like shopping in Italy has become mission impossible

When the numbers infected with and deaths from the pandemic was so devastating and so out of control, I managed once to get out of the burrow for shopping. After my usual three minutes walk on empty streets to shiver, I suddenly buried her face in the long queue standing in front of the supermarket. First reaction is a feeling of complete deja vu, which immediately transported me to my carefree Soviet childhood, where the queue was the norm. The second thought, which inevitably arise when a crowd, consisting entirely have shied away from and views in unison each other suspiciously as the men in white gloves and scary masks, I got to the American disaster movies. Since I have all the protection was only a scarf, I pulled his face and did not remove even in supermarket without antivirus old ammunition pokachivaetsya elderly gentlemen, are in the risk zone.

In Italy the penalty for violating quarantine was raised to 10 times

From that moment, not to feel an outsider and don’t go crazy from fear of becoming infected, I decided: no mask out of the house do not go, period. My behavior to someone, might seem paranoid, but to be convinced otherwise, should read the local press. In Italy there have already been recorded cases where infected people quietly went out without a mask, without thinking about the fact that someone can infect. Moreover, they do not stop sometimes even the threat of going to jail – for violation of the quarantine provided for imprisonment from 3 to 12 years.

Because my mask ordered on Amazon (here’s someone who earns a good idea in this situation) is already a month wandering around Europe, had to die of hunger, to dash to the computer, still how does XXI century in the yard. There it was. Despite the fact that the government actively encourages support in this difficult moment, the Italian manufacturer, follow this call is not so easy. The first two sites belonging to well-known supermarket chains, after the registration process is hung and not submitting life signs. The third attempt was more successful. After standing for about an hour in a virtual queue by ordering at extortionate prices (the cost of products on average 2-3 euros higher than in the “real” shopping), I was prepared to pay for it, when suddenly jumped out a message: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have to give priority to elderly, lonely people and the disabled. Please try to order later.”

And even the ubiquitous Amazon couldn’t help me out. Happily typing to cart all sorts of not very useful stuff (big range there) for quite reasonable prices, I found out that shipping will I have to wait 10 to 20 days, with the exact date no call has failed.

Photo: Carlo BRESSAN / AFP Chief epidemiologist of Russia explained the situation with COVID-19 in Italy

If you think about it, by and large, there is nothing surprising in the chaos there. In Italy it is not accepted, as, for example, in the United States, in large quantities to order products online, hence the lack of proper service. For Italians, shopping is a ritual and they are important human contact with sellers and cashiers, but also because of their meticulous attitude to food, they just need to touch and smell products before they purchase. This is especially true of older people who are not accustomed to pay for a pig in a poke and who have no gadgets, no computers.

I was already surrendered, but suddenly found out from a colleague that our enterprising countrymen has established the delivery of the products made in the former Soviet Union. First PrisLali messenger multi-page catalogue, and then on the phone I made the order. But “Russian shop” blunder – products brought on the same day, but did not report multiple units (yogurt and Armenian sausage “sudzhuk”) for which it does not forgot to charge me. The loss was discovered by me already at home, as the place sanitary standards test order I simply had no right. After my angry call they promised to return the remaining products for the next purchase, which after the pads have probably will not.

Obviously realizing that the quarantine could be delayed, just a couple of days I announced the creation of a new Internet platform “I stay home”, which, by driving the address, you can find out what small shops within a radius of 1 to 3 km, make prompt delivery. But there is however in my area was only a wine Enoteca and shops for the sale of capsules for coffee machines. For this fuel, I fear, for a long time will fail.

Photo: REUTERS In Italy increased the demand for Newspapers in a pandemic coronavirus

After all these trials and failures to make basic ordering all hope, as before, at her husband, who had made a commitment once a week to get food for the family. There is, however, another, but much less profitable from the economic point of view, the option to order prepared food online. Here, you need to give credit to the Italians, the process put on a confident footing. In this market there are many services that just 1-2 euros with a minimum order of 15 euros ready to please the client with pizza, sushi, salads, burgers, Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

to brighten up a quarantine routine, we eventually decided to order pizza tonight. And tomorrow, who knows, if you’re lucky, I may finally dleave the mask. Judging by the trekking, Paris gave the nod to their customs clearance.