Prices on dummy security cameras starting from $ 100. On most models the price tag ends at around 700 rubles, though there is a camera and a few thousand. Because of the pandemic of specialized Internet sites security system dummy has moved onto the shelves of major retailers. Potential buyers need to know a few things about models.

the Principle – the more, the better – does not work here. The dummy is designed for only one effect: a psychological one. The thief noticed the camera and got scared, decided not to risk it. And in this respect not the most stupid choice – the faulty real camera. Or the older models. They can be bought for 200-300 rubles. beushnye Have one drawback: they are often sold without labels in the set: “the Object is under video surveillance”. But the sticker can be purchased separately. If you need it.

Deciding to install a replica, please refrain from candid conversations on this topic with neighbors. To have spilled the beans that your cameras are fake, to negate all their effects. If the neighbors paid attention to the flashing LEDs will attutides: “But I will not tell, real or not. Secret”.

For the same reason, don’t hire a wizard to install them. Stick on adhesive tape or fasten with screws every. They are light: dome 100-150 g street – from 300 to 600 to Bring electricity not necessary – operate on batteries. Exception: expensive models with a motion sensor and a rotary mechanism. They are big and heavy (1.5 kg). But such budget on the country look quite ridiculous.

Deceptive camera should be placed so that the offender could not see them at close range. Especially if you are using a camera from a cheap segment.

Some manufacturers tempt: installing fraudulent equipment will help to protect and even grown crops. This is true, but even a good idea should not be reduced to an absurdity. Cameras, flashing LEDs, but still pointedly focused on the garden, can give an unexpected effect. The neighbors will take it personally… a sensitive Topic, everyone decides for himself.

Dummy never fully replace real monitoring system. But they can perfectly complement. If you have not fake the video surveillance system, it is reasonable to do so: real camera mask, and the dummy set is open. The psychological effect of the dummy appreciate even the Pro who installs a video surveillance system for serious objects. Many cameras on the perimeter of the impression. And reduce protection. All block cameras expensive, so replicas are often filled with “blind spots” in the secondary areas.

a flashing led. On sites of shops selling models, often breaking out of the discussion, and whether such cameras work? The present tracking system is itself unmasks? Call for readers: givingthe AITA to discuss things on forums. That semi-literate Amateurs, burglar, do not go. Indeed, there is evidence that up to 60% of the upcoming theft and looting ended and it began. Just because the villains Amateurs something spooked.

So they should be. However, we – also.