This story goes beyond the usual “holiday” conflicts – and especially the fact that everything here is brought to the extreme, to the point of absurdity. Lawyer Olga Diulin, representing the interests Iraida, recalls Franz Kafka – and, apparently, not in vain. The story is really similar to the works of this author: all as in a bad dream.

on may 30 this year from a large family lost electricity. Wire on a pole – trimmed. In home with small children. Two of them are sick. Electrician, the conversation which Oleg Gremilin, spouse of Iraida, recorded on tape, admits that disconnected the house at the request of the Chairman of the SNT. And when Oleg starts talking about what will appeal to the Prosecutor, almost laughing: “What the Prosecutor’s office?! You have a country society”. That is, in the understanding of the electrics on the SNT, the law does not apply. It would seem that subsequent events should this narrow-minded view to disprove it. But… Judge for yourself: Iraida husband called the police. Came employee, talked to everyone I found, including the Chairman of the SNT, which confirmed the power outage because of the debt (about it speech ahead). All recorded and zasobiralis back. “What about us? – asked him a naive Iraida. – Light is not present!” – “What can I do? I did my job,” replied the policeman.

Olga Diulin brings a long list of regulations, from which it follows – electricity in housing cannot be turned off. Now, during the pandemic, it is forbidden to disconnect even apartments of debtors. But even if the pandemic would have happened, but the family do have accumulated debt, there is a clear procedure for such interruption. Electrician neither SNT nor his Chairman or Board member can’t go and cut the wires. That is, the representatives of the law enforcement system shall, upon learning of the breach, it immediately to stop protecting the rights of the victim’s family and punish the perpetrators. It is in theory. In practice… the Investigative Committee Iraida and Oleg announced that they are “a power cut yourself” – management’s SNT. And refused to initiate a criminal case – about what to speak, if no one is disabled.

– electrician, Chairman of the CHT Ivan Belanov and member of the management Board Andrey Khrabrov, which had confirmed the power outage, retracted his words and stated that it did not have to disconnect nothing, – says Olga Diulin. And law enforcement agencies accept it unconditionally.

Came on “the scene” and other advocates – for example, assistant Commissioner for child rights in the region Marina Young and the Deputy head of the Novosibirsk region. Sympathized with. Tried to work it out. However, electricity in the house after their visit and did not appear. Not restored electricity after the CNT sent a submission the Prosecutor’s office, which was hoping Oleg. The submission after a month off, the month as not fulfilled. And the Prosecutor’s office perfectly calm.

for Two weeks the family paid a lot of money for renting a generator and gasoline – live it as it is necessary. Ran up a rather large amount. And then the head of the family he climbed the pole and hooked everything back up. And if he didn’t, the house would stand without electricity to this day. So, it turns out, the law is the law, and the salvation of the disabled – the handiwork of disabled.

Yes, but there is another powerful law enforcement Agency – court. Maybe it will protect a large family? This has not happened yet. While the court is busy, that is considering a lawsuit SNT to Iraida and her husband.

the Correspondent “RG” visited the first meeting and listened to Andrew Khrabrova, which represents the interests of the partnership. “Illegal off was not! in particular, said Andrey Khrabrov. Is confirmed by the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee!”. Here it is how.

And now – the most amazing. From Iraida and Sukoyan Oleg Gremilin “Cytologist” requires as many as 1 million 104 thousand rubles for electricity. According to Andrew Khrabrova, the debt was formed from the family in 2013, because they are improperly paid by the meter. Counter this, incidentally, is now the family took, where he is – they know the court is going to appoint an expert examination of its technical condition. Andriy Khrabrov believes that this counter does not show a tenth. But only integers. Six characters – all integer. And, according to Khrabrov, Iraida of Scoan, given only five figures, not six, had paid for the light ten times less than needed. That accumulated astronomical debt.

the Numbers are difficult to cheat. Not 35 and 350 kW per day – where is the consumption in the house with a standard set of household appliances? Khrabrov confidently claims that the family only boiler has a capacity of 30 kilowatts. As Chairman of the CHT Belanov somehow in correspondence with the growers suggested that these large… bottom cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency farm house there, the boiler is 6 kW but the total power of all equipment is 17.7. Iraida and Oleg turned to the experts, and they have calculated that in order to nageki 600 thousand kilowatts – the amount of consumption, which ascribes to them a “Cytologist”, all their home electronics, from the boiler to the kettle, it should work for 37 years.

But with the counter really matter. The sixth digit in a number is not separated from the first five comma no color. But, as acknowledged by the manufacturer (however, not officially, but on the forum on their own website), the last digit is tenth. That is, there is a factory defect. People have had similar problems with counters before. It would seem that in the case of a comma – as a result, with large families left without elechicheste require a huge amount.

Iraida of Scoan with Olga Giulini tried to claim in court the counterclaim – the immediate connection to the house and compensation for moral damages, plus the cost of the use of the generator. But the court her statement was not accepted. Meanwhile, in the “Cytology” strange things are happening. In a hospital bed with a serious injury was a former Chairman of the CHT Mikhail Salamatov. He claims that he was beaten by Andrey Khrabrov. There are eyewitnesses. But… a criminal case in the police to bring in no hurry. Although since the attack is the third week. Following these developments, Iraida and think about protection. Fears for his safety and another site owner in the “Cytology”. Marina, who asks not to call her name, too disconnected from electricity on may 30. Marina the counter is all right. And debt for the world. And turned it off, as suggested by the Marina, trying to figure out where the money growers.

…Disputes and conflicts happen in every suburban community. Another thing that you need to solve the problems using the law. Apparently, “Cytologist” the law is delayed.