The energy Ministry said on Wednesday, it should be ensured, “continued the American people keep the choice of lighting in homes and businesses and not the government”.

The government of Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama still had on his last day in office, starting in 2020, also candle-shaped bulbs for chandeliers and ball round light bulbs, the burn in many of the bathrooms that fall under the energy efficiency act.

invented light bulbs in 1878 by Thomas Edison, use only about ten percent of the electricity used for light – the Rest is lost as heat. Your sale goes back in the United States since 2007, when the government under George W. Bush, an energy efficiency law came into force, the progressively higher goals dictated.

The best-selling lamps in the USA are now halogen lamps and light emitting diodes (LED). Although these are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, use significantly less energy and also last longer.

The industry Association National Electrical Manufacturers Association welcomed on Wednesday the new arrangement of the Ministry of energy. Environmental groups called the repeal, however, is illegal, the Ministry could collect adopted Standards easily.

The repeal of the bulb ban would lead to “higher utility bills for households and businesses”, to be hazardous to the “health of environmental pollution due to the added current is needed,” said Noah Horowitz from the Council for the defence of natural resources. 37 power to have suppliers with a total of 55 million customers, and only five suppliers for this.

support came also from “the few people who are against any regulation,” said Horowitz more. The reason might be, “you make more money with incandescent light bulbs, all of which are a year or two break, as with long-life energy-efficient lamps”.

In Switzerland, different light source to disappear for environmental reasons, since 2009, in each case as of the beginning of September, gradually out of the market. At that time an EU Directive has made the powerful light bulbs off. Later, gradually followed until 2012, the weaker. From September 2016, the spell hit the high-volt halogen lamp, which may not be sold since the beginning of this month. (SDA)

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