In 2016, the exemplary Union Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk after 25 years of marriage, unexpectedly (at least to others) collapsed. The divorce took place grandly and nobly. The couple published in the magazine “Hello!”, editor is Svetlana, an official statement, where, as usual, thanked each other for the wonderful years lived together and took the first step to a free life. “We made the decision to divorce… We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” — said in the message. To take out quarrels from a log hut, although in 25 years he must have accumulated a lot, a couple of Bondarchuk did not. Even when I began an affair with the Director of the Paulina Andreeva and journalists directly asked her about the “insidious razluchnitsa”, she correctly answered that no adulterer’s not there, just the relationship has outlived its usefulness, hence the divorce. Only recently in an interview to Kseniya Sobchak the ex-wife of the novel open up and talked about how living in the status of a free woman the last few years.

“We made the decision to divorce”. The story of Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk
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That novel novel, Paulina Andreeva, rumors circulated even before his official divorce from Svetlana, but he was in no hurry to advertise his personal life. Even when it came to the wedding, everything was “classified”. The bride just posted pictures of her wedding dress to Instagram, thereby marking the changed marital status. Svetlana the news of the marriage of the former spouse does not upset her far more reserve post, who wrote about it, Alexander Rodnyansky, one of the guests of the occasion in Instagram. “I’m so happy for Fedor, I’ve never seen him so happy… I Can say for sure: meeting with Paulina changed him. And the rest of his life. For the best. Using cinematic terminology, the transition from black and white to colour life”, — said the producer. In an interview with Sobchak Bondarchuk called the words Rodnyansky “monstrous stupidity”. “Our life with Michelle was bright and beautiful, it was not a black-and-white movie. When an overgrown man, smart, intelligent suddenly make such a post… Well, tomorrow he gets going with Leroy (Valeria Rodnyansky, the wife of producer — approx. ed.) and that it will be considered that his life was in black and white?” — asked Svetlana. In 51 years Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk, prefer the satellites age. At the moment, next to it is the composer Sergey Kharchenko, him 45 years, and before that in the arms of a businesswoman was spotted 37-year-old photographer Sergey Herds. “Serge Herds — a close friend of mine, he burst into my life a few years ago, we did a lot of joint projects and remain friends until now…” — recalled the Director. In recognition of St.��tlani, her current choice is quite jealous: “Sergei strict: once very upset when I very gently congratulated Sergei Tabunov happy birthday. Just sent him the hearts, but it turned out that few people perceive them as simply hearts”.Another marriage Bondarchuk (although after her divorce from her Director should have been called by their maiden names — As) said frostily, married wants. But ready to become a mother admitted in an interview with the magazine Tatler: “If I’m with the man I am today, probably, would be logical, if we have, along with our children, where we already have a sufficient number will still be our baby. I would like a boy, me and the boys easier to handle, although the girl is fine.” At the moment Svetlana has two heirs, or rather, my grandson (who gave her eldest son), after Sergei nearly thirty, and daughter Barbara twenty-one, they is definitely not puspitasari.Along with the new choice of Bondaruk builds not only relationships, but also a joint business. Lovers has launched a Youtube-project “Light around the world”, as well as producing their own clothing brand. However, a year ago Svetlana honestly admitted that earns more than Sergei. However, it was not discouraged. In matters of love, a businesswoman becomes a normal woman. “If I chose the principle “who is like earning”, it would be much more difficult. I come from the heart and always have been,” says Bondarchuk.