All this was done in order to have the whole of Europe have the impression that the competition, even in the contraption format, the online concert Eurovision: Europe, Shine a Light, – in the Netherlands still is. Even the goals he has now: to choose the best artist and to reward him, as usual, a crystal trophy in the shape of a microphone: Yes concert tour on the continent (in all countries, as Russia, because COVID-19 concerts now repealed), and to show that European countries are trying to support each other and are still together. Even at the time of the pandemic. But at the same time give the opportunity to artists from 41 countries participating in the contest, tell live what to do for the quarantine.

Well, to share kind words in the address, probably, the most important now on the planet of people: doctors, nurses, nurses, drivers of cars “first aid”… Frames work especially doctors are often broadcast by the Italian singer Deodato or the Englishman James Newman (younger brother of the star “ten years” John Newman). Brother 2 even said that “I must say thank you to all the medical staff and to help them, trying to stay healthy, as safety is paramount”. Overall, this was a most unusual and humanistic show on the day of Eurovision final.

So the winners and losers that night would have to be determined. But they eventually showed up.

the Idea that a competition with a vote of viewers in Europe and Australia you can spend, let, online, first is still present. No wonder the show was preparing seven weeks!

Technical capabilities are. And the interest of such a “virtual version” of the old song contest of Europe would be considerable. After all, the competition usually takes television crew and host “Eurovision”. But if in a pandemic, the picture and sound would, in the language of the film, each of the 41 participating countries, it is possible that would be even more fun – would add a creative approach to capture their Directors and decorators, it would be interesting to look at other scenes and rooms. But this idea was eventually abandoned: according to the regulations of the contest, all participants must be in the same conditions. So, on the same stage and in the same circumstances.

So I decided to do without a vote and select the winners (though, probably, there is little doubt that, most likely, will win our Little Big whose entry song Uno has collected nearly 90 million hits, 15 times more than the nearest rivals). Preferred format when leading in turn communicate live with the participants who stayed at home in their countries. Allow them to speak, demonstrate fragments of the clip. Many have tried to sing and live. The same Diodato, James Newman, Swiss Gjon Tears. Well, our Little Big, not too lazy beforeto put the already acoustic version of the song Uno and reminded Europe that they always need to wait for something new. By the way, and another clip of “little big” Hypnodancer published on may 8, were in the lists of popularity in 26 countries.

If we talk about competition in General, the apparent hits and discoveries, he, if passed in the usual format, is unlikely to be demonstrated. Most of the songs are traditional Euro-pop. And one in the chorus, perhaps only a Little Big, immersed in the fantasy world of fairy tales and beautiful Bulgarian Victoria, romantic and exquisitely sad Swiss Gjon Tears and ex-member of the Russian “Voice” Estonian Uku Suviste, which now produces Philip.

Yes, Little Big didn’t win, but the clear winners “of this competition without competition” became the new technology. Surprisingly accurate, organically and almost without overlap were all conducted two-hour show Europe Shine a Light! 90 musicians of the Rotterdam orchestra has played each of their home medley of songs participants of “Eurovision”, and never sfalshivit and not too late. And 41 the bidder on the line, or two, in turn, sang this very song, Shine a Light, won the competition in 1997, the camera had time for everyone, he is polyphony in a single track. And the sound was not a problem, everyone sang exactly at a predetermined pitch. From our room was the soloist Sophia Tayurskii.