Lifelong imprisonment threatens pensioner for organizing assassinations

Life imprisonment threatens Kaliningrad pensioner for trying to arrange murder for hire. According STRC “Kaliningrad”, citing data from the investigation, a local resident 63 years, approached the killer, that he killed his 72-year-old friend for 100 thousand roubles. But the contractor gave the customer and told the potential victim. That, in turn, came for help to the police.

the Details of the operation, told the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf. An elderly man was placed in a safe place. In his apartment, law enforcement officials played a real show, instseniroval the discovery of the corpse of the tenant. The place even came to a real task force to make the customer believe in the reality of what happened. The transfer of money to the contractor have been delayed.

it turned Out that the accused was the head of the homeowners Association, and the victim wrote in his complaint. The consequence considers it as the main motive.

according to acting senior assistant Director of SU TFR in the Kaliningrad region Olga Anisimova, now the accused is in custody. His guilt he did not recognize.

Text: GTRK “Kaliningrad”