“Liun, our son with trisomy 21, often plays at the fountain in front of the house. I needed seven years until I found the grace to ask him what he was doing with the water and the fountain tube so? He said: “Rägeboge” what brought me to the further question of who is disabled actually. He or I will.

Nik Hartmann moves for TV with six Downies in Switzerland. A beautiful idea.
came to our Downie with the name Liun to the world, was the shock great. It was the opportunity to do in the twelfth week of pregnancy, a simple blood test and the young to abort. You could say a rather mongoloid. Today – politically correct – say: a man with down syndrome, because the Mongols had intervened in the case of the WHO, and the term mongoloid abolished, and with the name of the Lord Down was replaced, the “inventor” of this so-called disease.

Why have we as a child?

Our friend, Walti said: “Yes, because hets dä bruucht now degree.” I had not understood what he meant by that, was full of doubts and questions: Why have we such a child? I had always tried to lead a decent life, to sing beautiful songs, stupid to pee the politicians in the leg, and my wife is also a fleet!! Marlene, the pediatrician just said: “Have him love everything else you will learn together.”
Somehow, my wife came and I and all the other back out of the hole and today, or soon, sure was: Liun is one of the great gifts of life to me, to us and to the world.
He used to be my little Buddha, he was my little man, and today he is Liun, our son who is soon grown up. In addition, a master who taught me the life, another time, Living now, is a rainbow man.

Could it be that the disabled are the ones that show us how we could live?

All who feel the need to treat these people, with music or speech and language therapy, or any good deed I want to ask, could it be, conversely, the dangers would be? Could it be that the disabled are the ones that show us how we could live without driving the world to the wall, be it with war or climate destruction, poison, or the delusion of money? If Yes, then we would have to disabled the term “” immediately interpreted otherwise. The handicapped would be hampered at the most, because we prevent them from doing so, our role models, our little or great masters.

When we asked Liun last fall, where he wants to go in the autumn holiday, he said as the gun fired: “Etna, Fondue cooking.” We opted for the volcano and the Fondue. It is a adventure trip with an old Gamellen lid as a fondue pot, a burner with blue Paste, and twelve sun cream jars full of Moitié-moitié Fondue. An aluminum foil-Portion of the stuff would have looked in the control of individuals in Milan as explosive paste.

If ever in the history of mankind, at 2880 meters a “Fondue with down syndrome” was eaten, we do not know. For us, it was lunch, finally, a Guinness book record.

While the volcano tourists climbed the huge and impressive with their Unimog desert buses to the crater, we enjoyed melted Vacherin and gruyère, in the sulfurous fog of Europe aktivstem volcano.
The next trip, the next adventure is coming soon. We are excited to see.”