We were at about 2000 meters. To our Left, an Austrian hillside with cows to our Right, a Liechtenstein slope without cows. As we on the mountain ridge hiked, she dove in out of nowhere: the egg discussion. It goes like this: Include eggs in the fridge?

And now a mix, in fact, our Hiking Gspändli yet. Quickly formed an Alliance. 3:1. I’m the 1. Would like to leave the eggs outside. Why? Well, my mom taught me the times. And mums are always right. (Right, Mom?) Your Argument is nothing but logical: What is not cooled in the Store, do not need to also home in the fridge. The 3P-Grüppli attacks naughty the Argument to my mother: “Then vegetables and fruits in the fridge.” Since everything was too exhausting, and I annoyed said: “I still believe that I am right. But I’ll pack in the morning for this Shit-eggs in the fridge, and then the theme is eaten.” I wouldn’t discuss so long about something so frivolous, added I still. The hike was very beautiful. The eggs are now at home in the fridge, and we’ll say no more about it.

Released it not me. I needed certainty. Eggs-Plain Text. So I asked my uncle. For many years, working for a large Swiss eggs company. His Answer: “No. Basically, not! Dry and dark is enough.” Well, if you please! And if the eggs-in-the-fridge group accuses me of bias, here is the response from the Association of Gallo Suisse: “Fresh eggs in the fridge. The cool storage, but extends the shelf-life.” I would like to say: eggs are, but anyway, fresh is best.

But I’ll let you in. I can roll with it and hope that in the future we can discuss the important things in life. For example, about whether or not you are allowed to dirty dishes in the sink between the bearings or not.