The world health organization (WHO) would like to spread a multi-faceted Definition of health since 1946, a holistically-oriented understanding of Health: “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of discomfort and disease.” For most people, this is just with age, an Illusion. However, each person can contribute in many points to maintain his health.

“70 to 80 percent of all diseases are due to a corresponding Change of lifestyle to avoid and also heal,” writes doctor Hans Ruedi Fischer in seinm book “Juicy lies”. A life without drugs is possible. VIEW summarizes its main recommendations.

The book “Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner (2009) reported the results of his collaboration with the magazine National Geographic and the world’s best researchers in the field of longevity. Worldwide the areas were identified, in which the inhabitants live much better and ten times more likely to have an age of 100 years than in the USA, or Germany, the so-called Blue Zones.

10 rules for long life

In these Blue Zones were the respective lives of the inhabitants styles to the characteristics investigated – in the hope of finding explanations for the observed longevity. Nine characteristics were found, the styles have the life in all the Blue Zones have in common:

natural movement: Instead of strength training to spend to run Marathons or to visit the gym, the most durable people in their natural environment without big thinking, for example, do their gardening and house work without mechanical AIDS. the meaning of life: It is important to know why you Wake up every Morning. This can account for up to seven years to life expectancy. the Switch: Stress is with chronic inflammatory reactions, and thus with the most common age-related diseases. Also in the Blue Zones, people are stressed out sometimes, in contrast to us practice, but routines for coping with stress. In the case of Okinawa, this is the daily remembrance of the ancestors, in the case of the Adventists, the prayer, the inhabitants Ikarias, the NAP, and in Sardinia the Happy Hour. Like nature, we need sun and rain to Flourish, activity and rest, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. the The 80 % rule: The Maxim of “Hara hachi bu” – the Okinawan stating that you should only eat so much until your stomach is filled to 80%. The remaining 20 % can be the difference between a Weight gain or loss. In the Blue Zones, it is customary to take one last small meal in the late afternoon or early evening. the plants are stressed diet: In the diet of the centenarians have form legumes (Fava, Black, soy beans, and lentils), usually the basis and main source of protein. Meat is consumed very rarely. the A glass of wine in the evening: Moderate alcohol consumption is more common in the Blue Zones. A maximum of one (women) or 2 glasses (men) of polyphenol-rich red wine per day together with friends and/or food can serve the health and joy of life. The Adventists drink no alcohol: red wine is not a Must for a long life. the Faith and community: Faith plays a big role for a long life – up to five of the respondents 263 centenarians in the study were all in a faith community. Research has shown that you can extend its life expectancy to four to 14 years, if you attend four times a month in worship services. The religion plays no role. Important is the regular participation and a real sense of community. More and more scientific studies indicate that real, lived religiosity that is based on the principle of unselfish love, is life-prolonging and curative – as opposed to fundamentalist religiosity. the loved ones come first: The family has the highest priority. Parents and grandparents usually live in the vicinity or in your own household. The children benefit by being sick less often and have a lower mortality rate. Also of advantage is the commitment to a life partner and the investment of time and love into their own children. the is The correct “root”: , The most long-lived people in the world live in a social environment, the health-conscious behaviour. From the results of the Framingham studies shows that factors such as Smoking, obesity, happiness as well as loneliness appear to others is contagious, but happiness is, fortunately, still more contagious than sadness. To surround yourself with the right people so it can also contribute to a prolongation of life. the Enough and good sleep: Even if Buettner is not pointed out directly, this in the Blue Zones is very clear: The people were, of course, and had a healthy day-night rhythm, which is also crucial for good and sufficient sleep. Many recent studies demonstrate the great impact of sleep deprivation on immune deficiency, Obesity, dementia and cancer. A study (Sigurdardottir et al., 2015) shows that low Melatonin levels that occur in poor or short Sleep, the risk for an aggressive, particularly dangerous prostate cancer quadrupled!

Even if you have to be equipped for an age of 100 years, genetically good, but most of us find a the age of 90 years, largely without chronic disease. A life extension by an average of 10-12 years is possible when you live the lifestyle of the Blue Zones, founded by the Adventist Church is impressive and scientifically (Fraser and Shavlik, 2001).

The age research is currently experiencing a big Bang: thanks to new discoveries, the scientists want to delay the death further and further, and even defeat.

luck Is a random thing? Scientists and psychologists not believe in it, because there is much we can contribute to our well-being. With these tips, you will be happy.