What’s going on between Cora Schumacher (42) and her Ex-husband, Ralf Schumacher (44)? The Model is provided with a photo for the rumors of a love Comeback. In Instagram she shared a Selfie with her Ex, she used the Hashtags: “#family”, and “#love.” The two met in Salzburg, Austria.

Dare, the former Couple was married from 2001 to 2015, about a second attempt? Or the former formula 1 driver and the Rennsportlerin for their son, David (18) strive for a harmonious relationship? Cora Schumacher says “image”: “recently, There have been many rumors, such as my relationship with Ralf’s supposed to be. I think the photo says it all.”

the photo you wanted to put “a sign”

In an Interview with RTL she explains: “In recent months and years has been reported how bad the relationship between Ralf and me is supposedly. That’s why we wanted to put with this photo editor. Our relationship is, in fact, contrary to all prophecies of doom, completely in order.”

And: “in Principle, we have approaching us a long time ago again. Explicitly, of course, for our son, that is clear. The Ralf is the father of my son, and as always and forever in my heart, as is my son. This is my family, even if we are divorced.” She explains: “We have always kept aware of the Public out, also, that we have come close to again.”

“I’m going to is Called the Ralf always somewhere to love”

the, there is a Romanesque restart? “I’m going to love the Ralf always somewhere, no question about it. There are so many forms of love. Now, whether that’s a friendship or a sexual Basis – whatever. Because I don’t want to comment exactly on it.”

The Fans of Cora Schumacher would be happy about a love Comeback. “I would wish a Happy ending for you,” writes a User under Cora’s Selfie. “You were a dream couple! I hope to make a Comeback,” reads another comment. (kad)