Libyans took to the streets of Benghazi demanding to stop the war

a Quarter of people in Libya are suffering from years of armed conflict — such fresh assessment of the International Committee of the red cross. According to the organization, emergency medical treatment need over half a million people. For several years, Libya remains in a situation of dual power. War-weary residents want one thing — peace.

“Stop the war! Stop the terror!” Under such slogans has passed an unprecedented scale rally in Benghazi on the area of Kish. It was here in the year 2011 was declared the victory of the revolution over the regime of Gaddafi.

these days, Libya marks the anniversary of the uprising, which began in the capital of the Eastern province of Cyrenaica. But the victory was a Pyrrhic one, the country was plunged into the chaos of years of civil war.

Tens of thousands of people, tired of war and devastation, the largest Libyan cities demanding from the Western States and Turkey to leave their country alone and to stop interfering in its internal Affairs. The flow of weapons and mercenaries from Islamic groups must be stopped.

the Libyans kicked the inflatable doll Erdogan and insisted that the Turkish leader took back its military instructors, which is in Tripoli for more than three thousand, and took back the tanks.

At the rally tanks were also bouncy, but fighters stormed Tripoli, saw a real Turkish armored vehicles in the business and now for those who survived the battle and returned with severe injuries, before the rally people went to hospitals to donate blood. To restore the Ottoman Empire here will not allow.

“These people we have oppressed for 400 years and we got nothing from them but grief,” says the Sheikh of the tribe Subrata Ali Muhammad Abdul.

On the square in Benghazi came from the Berbers of the desert on their horses.

Their iron horses rolled out of the local biker club. All the years igilovskoy occupation of the motorcycles had to hide in basements.

the Berber sheikhs voted for deputies of the house of representatives of the Libyan Parliament, which pereeal to the East of the country. They do not recognize Tripoli’s Government of national consensus. Its premiere Faiza Saraga blame that for his protection he was invited to the Islamic groups and the remnants of ISIS from Syria and Iraq.

Twelve-year-old Yakin, who in his life seen nothing but war, and a few years altogether spent in the terrorists captured the town, appealing to world leaders — “save my house and my country!”

If she could only hear a Norwegian girl she Tumberg, who accused adults that those deprived of her childhood. She just doesn’t know what could be the child, for example, her Libyan peers.