Libya is losing $60 million a day from oil sanctions

Libya loses $60 million a day because of the inability to sell hydrocarbons in the EU, and oil sanctions have seriously weakened the economy of Libya, said the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell.

“All the EU assistance provided to the country, is $600 million, which is ten days of nefteprodukty,” said Borrell, reports TASS. Libya was under “very very bad” situation, said Borrell.

Borrell received from the special representative of the UN Secretary General Hasan Salaam’s letter in which he noted that the cease-fire in Libya does not apply, and the agreement on cease-fire widely violated, as the agreement on the ban on arms supplies to this country.

the foreign Ministers of EU countries will consider on February 17 issue of the acceleration of the Berlin peace process aimed at resolving the crisis in Libya, and will also explore the possibility of tightening the embargo on arms supplies to Libya.