Libya has become a magnet for foreign fighters

Libya has become a magnet for foreign fighters, reported the special representative of the UN Secretary General on Libya.

the Massive arrival of militants and the arrival of a large number of military equipment, raising tension in the country, and also virtually eliminates the hope for a speedy conclusion to hostilities in the country.

the Situation in Libya discussed at the next meeting of the UN security Council. Russia’s permanent representative to the organization of Vasily Nebenzia said that our country maintains contacts with all parties to the Libyan conflict and encourages them to abandon violent methods.

in addition, nebesa expressed concern about reports of violations of the arms embargo.

“we Express concern at the reported violation of the arms embargo and stress the need to stop feeding the conflict of competing external players. Illegal proliferation of weapons in Libya destabilizie the situation in the security sphere in the country and in the Sahara-Sahel region,” he said.