At the evening press conference on 28 may, the Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced the start of the second phase of release from quarantine. Opens parks, will start schools, restaurants, museums, theaters. From 15 June unable to open internal borders in Europe, then a decision will be made about the possibility and conditions for opening the external borders of the Schengen area, which will follow much later. Says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarhanov.Now on the map of France remains “red” zones. This does not mean that the whole country becomes “green” — for three departments saved unsettling atmosphere, although it was not red, and orange. This color is now marked by two of the overseas Department French Guiana and Mayotte, and the center of the country, the Paris region of Ile-de-France. And yet across the country, “liberty is the rule, prohibition the exception.” With this phrase he started his evening press conference, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.At a meeting held in the morning meeting of the security Council, it was decided that the second phase of the release from quarantine will begin on Tuesday 2 June from across the country and only with some delay (until June 22) in “orange” zone. Starting this Saturday once again allowed to walk in the city parks. Tuesday will open all classrooms, however, final exams will only be written, oral this year will be canceled. Will the pools and stadiums.The audience in the “green” and “orange” zones will be able to return to theatres 2 and 22 June, respectively. The concern about safety is entrusted to the Directorate of theatres and concert halls, they decide how the work will be built. Major cultural events will be limited to the number of 5 thousand participants. Films delayed in the spring, will begin to show in the movie and in the “green” and “orange” zones at the same time — June 22. Restaurants, cafes, bars are allowed to work from June 2, but in the “orange” areas guests can be placed only on the terraces — and, of course, everywhere preserving the distance in meter between the tables.Because it decreased the difference in sanitary conditions between national territories, the lifting of restrictions on travel of over 100 km. Now the French have the right to travel within the country and between 2 and 22 June, expected to open in the “green” and “orange” zones, hotels and summer camps. However, travelling out of metropolis in the overseas territories will continue to apply special rules. They will establish authority in the field, following the example of French Polynesia or New Caledonia, where visitors are now required to undergo quarantine.The borders between the European States will remain closed until at least June 15. The government has promised not to impose restrictions and quarantine for those who cross intra-European borders, if only the neighbors on the other side will impose their own rules. Then France, with��exit similar measures. The issue of opening the external borders of the Schengen area will be decided, in the words of Edouard Philippe, all European countries together. How and when this can be done, travelers from which countries will be allowed to cross borders, what are the measures of quarantine may be introduced for them, France will know not before 15 June.Allowed finally the ceremony in the mayor’s office, where in the absence of Registrar carried out the registration of marriages. But he did not explain how the government intends to reconcile a happy married relationship with compliance with mandatory social distance.