“After a year of traffic light coalition, the bitter result is a catastrophic economic policy. Small and medium-sized companies are afraid of the future and are thinking about whether they can still face the domestic market in the future,” the statement said.

It shows “that Economics Minister Habeck does not understand the simplest economic relationships and cannot begin to imagine the effects of his actions,” it said.

But not only the Green gets his fat off, FDP Minister Buschmann is also criticized by the letter. The district association accuses him of “approving arbitrary restrictions on freedom” in order to “satisfy a narcissistic health minister.”

In general, the district association would like “a return to liberal values.” The well-being of the citizens should be the “centre of all political action”. But because of this, “essential parts of the federal government have already failed catastrophically,” the district association continued.

However, the local politicians do not offer any real proposals for a solution in their letter – and the liberals also do not mention the Ukraine war.