For almost four years, Hollywood heart-throb Liam Heamsworth (30 refused, “The hunger games”) his Ex Miley Cyrus (27) for the sake of all animal products. Now he told the magazine “Men’s Health” that he has given up the vegan lifestyle since the separation in August 2019 and again – because it made him sick. “In February of last year, I felt lethargic and a kidney stone develops, It is the pain of imprisonment were most weeks of my life. I had to go to the hospital and under the knife.”

in the Meantime, it’s the Australians again, but: “I had to reduce my Vegetable intake.” Otherwise, he will have a 50 percent Chance that he get a kidney stones. “My formed because I have daily been eating a lot of vegetables with oxalates, such as spinach, potatoes, almonds and beetroot. Therefore, I had to rethink totally when it comes to what I can supply to my body.”

For Liam was to the separation of Miley hard

The actor, to be in the diet in his life, “often from one Extreme to the other” changed. Also a vegan diet is one for him: “I had to find out what does my body best. And that you do not need to make any Changes, if something gets a well.”

Hemsworth is also for the first Time, an insight into how hard the separation from Cyrus was for him – because he was then, constantly in the spotlight and the Paparazzi worse than ever has been hunted. “I had to learn not to take things so to heart. Because most of what was written about me was completely wrong. The constant attention was very stressful.”

“I just enjoy my life so well, it is only

is” in the Meantime, he has decided to make no big thoughts about the things he can’t control. “I prefer, instead, to reminding me of it, how many positive things I have in my life. My family, my work, and so on. I just enjoy my life as best I can.”

Cyrus and Hemsworth met in 2009 when filming “With You at my side”, and in 2012 engaged. A little later they parted again and broke their engagement. In 2016, Cyrus confirmed in the Show of Ellen DeGeneres (62), that she was with Hemsworth and engaged. 2018, the wedding followed, not even a year later, the two parted again. (paf/ds)