As the lead singer of the Band Oasis Liam Gallagher (47) wrote in the 90s, music history, and reasoned with Britpop, a own genre. His super hit “Wonderwall” became the anthem of a whole Generation. For the Interview, otherwise for his Tardiness famous rock star appears on the Minute, is in good spirits and wearing one of his famous rain Parkas.

Why Me ? Why Emergency!” wear your Parkas.
Liam Gallagher : What should I say? I love this kind of clothes (laughs). I even rented extra storage space for my Jackets. No Joke. I have millions of Jackets.

the Motto your new plate, the in Oasis in the good old times recalled.
Yes, to write such classic Songs, is the Only thing that I can. I like Rock and pop music, anyway much better than all the electronic stuff of today. So I’ve always been. Already as a 20-Year-old, early days of Oasis, I have a old soul. I listened to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. That was the music that appealed to me and inspired me to write Songs.

not at all. I’m still the same, I feel and think as before. I have perhaps become a little quieter, but I’m still a Crazy person (laughs out loud). I’m the same Liam from the 90s and put on me, as you have already noticed, also still.

as a solo artist. Are you tired of the people want to hear at the concerts is always the Oasis-Kracher Wonderwall “?
no, I’m grateful for it. Without “Wonderwall” we’d have been more than 20 years, never as successfully. I don’t understand the Bands and musicians who complain about their old Hits play. I love our old Hits. And I would also give a concert where I only play my current pieces. It’s a good Mix has to be between New and Old. I will put “Wonderwall” as a 60-Year-old in the same manner and with the same Pride as a 20-Year-old.

Oasis in resolved. After her brother Noel and they had a huge fight, he left the Band.
Yes, and I know exactly why he left the Band at the time, that The fame was not big enough, he wanted to be a Solo Star. The dumbest decision he has ever met, and today is certainly regretted.

no. I invited him on the one hand, for my mother’s sake, the desire for ten years, nothing dearest, as we’ll have it together again. On the other hand, because it is a nice gesture. But I know Noel is not coming to my wedding. He is a cowardly dog. But I want to make my mother happy, and that’s why I invited him.

Oasis hope ?
Yes, because I love this Band and would be all over it. But it is in Noels Hand, he has the Power. It is possible that he falls into line eventually, because he is addicted to money and know that it a reunion would bring a lot of coal.

I don’t live with my Kids who live with their mothers. But we all have a very beautiful and close relationship. My youngest daughter, I don’t see very often because she lives in New York. But the other three I meet often. Then we’ll hang out together. Our relationship is more of friends than that of father and child. I listen to them, give them advice and try to assist them and to help where I can.

I’m not a Fan. Brexit is a Shit, because nobody knows in our country, what is happening now exactly. And the politicians of today will bring nothing more to the series. I don’t understand the idea behind the Brexit at all, we live all under one sky.

to a big Fan of the clubs ?
Yes, I still love him. We may now be millionaires, but the Fans are still the same, are still working class. Me the money is not interested in the club, I’m interested in wins only.

I hope it is very. I love Switzerland. You have such a beautiful, relaxed country. To the best of your cuckoo clocks like me in addition to the chocolate and the skiing. No one will believe me probably, but I’m fucking a real Fan of this Toy. It relaxes me to listen to this “cuckoo”.

Liam Gallagher has been on 21. September 1972 in Manchester (GB) born. With his older brother Noel, he founded in 1991, the Band Oasis, whose first Album “Definitely Maybe” sold faster than any other debut album before. The Band is considered as the founder of British pop and has sold around 80 million records. In 2009, Oasis broke up after an argument between Liam and Noel. After two failed marriages, the four-time father next year, marries his Manager, Debbie Gwyther.