The Pride Festival and the accompanying Demonstration to fight for acceptance and equal rights for all sexual orientations. Already to 25. This weekend is celebrated diversity, and, through the city of Zurich marched. Last year, around 60 LGBTQ organizations took part in the Demo – the previous record.

Common people are going this year on the road, to stand up for their rights. However, which sexual identities are there, and what is LGBTQ actually means? We help and deliver with Pride-Glossary answers.

Andro sexually

Andorsexuelle feel attracted to people of different genders sexually and/or romantically, the present male.


Aromantiker feel little or no attraction for others.


Asexuals feel no sexual attraction.


the persons with the orientation Bicurious to explore, whether you feel attracted to persons of the same or opposite sex.


Bigender feel a female as well as male side.


Bisexual feel of men and women are attracted to.


Cisgender do not feel identified with gender, with which they were born.


Closeted is a Person that their sexual orientation is not open to the price. This often has to do with fear of rejection, violence or bullying.

Coming out

For many LGBTQ members are Coming out is a life-long process. They talk openly about their sexual orientation and inform your private and professional environment.


Cross-Dressing means to wear clothes that fit traditionally for their own gender. This must, however, have not to do necessarily with the sexual identity.

Demir Oman table

Demir omantiker feel attached to only one Person moved in, if you already have a strong, emotional bond with her.

drag Queen

A drag Queen is a man that represents femininity in exaggerated mass in a Show. A drag Queen is not always gay.

Femme sexual / Gynosexuell

femme sexual or Gynosexuelle feel attracted to people of different genders sexually and/or romantically, the present female.

Gender Fluid

If someone is Gender Fluid, varies the gender identity from time to time.

gray sexually

gray sexual between asexuality and sexuality. Sexual experience are hardly available and rarely happen.


heterosexual romantic feeling from the other gender romantically attracted to.


hetero-sexual feel of the opposite sex, both romantically as well as sexually attracted.


gay romantic feel from your own sex romantically attracted to.


homosexuals feel from the own sex both romantically as well as sexually attracted.


intersex people are biologically neither male nor female.


LGBTQ+ is an acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and queer persons. The Plus on the end is for any other sexual orientations.

panroman table

Panromantiker feel romantic to people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender attraction.


Pansexuelle feel romantic and attracted sexually to persons regardless of their sexual orientation or gender attraction.


Instead of all sexes are attracted to, as in the case of Pansexualität, do not feel Polysexuelle from multi-gender attracted but not all. However, you inform your partners about your feelings.


Polysexuelle life in polygamy. You have open relationships with multiple partners.


Some people feel that the terms lesbian and gay is as restrictive. A queer Person sees their identity outside of the social Norm and sets itself up against the drawer think.


Skoliosexuelle feel towards people who identify neither as a woman nor as a man, moved.


Transgender people feel the opposite gender to belong to, instead of that in which they were born.


As a Transition refers to the process of transformation of a transsexual Person. This transformation can be socially, physically, operationally and/or legally.


transsexuals feel the other gender to belong to. Under a gender transformation mostly, their Inner the Outer to adjust.


transvestite dressing and make-up as a different gender. This can be, for example, as a costume or a fetish or Hobby contexts.