It’s not just a car manufacturer, the building now also a Yacht. On LY 650 Lexus, passengers will find typical style elements of the sports car LC. About the flat, sloping windscreen, the upward curving coupéartige roof or the dome-shaped side Windows. More: Intricate Details, such as the welded deck fittings made of stainless steel, the surfaces of hand-stitched seat and custom-made furniture and wall paneling made from eucalyptus wood are reminiscent of the high quality workmanship of the Lexus Cars.

And as these are also the precious so-called Takumi yacht in use. These are mostly craftsman. Among the 8000 workers in the Lexus plant in Kyushu (J) there are only 19 of these Cracks. You are obsessed with the best possible work. Nothing can stop you. Every single Takumi is focused on a specific manufacturing step. This is his passion. Know-how and Can also show every Hand-sculpted, individually painted boat hull. This is highly rigid and is made of plastic, which is reinforced with carbon and glass fiber. The harmoniously curved lines give the Yacht a distinctive appearance. Very handy for water rats: A floating platform at the rear, can electrically be shut down, that float can also easily get back on the Deck.

2700 HP and 55 km/h top

In the construction of the Nobel ship Lexus put on renowned partners: the yacht builders of Marquis in the American Wisconsin, the Venetian boat design Studio Nuvolari Lenard and the Swedish marine engine manufacturer Volvo. The two Penta engines with either a 1050, 1200 or 1350 HP provide the necessary thrust. The top of the 20-Meter-long, almost six metres wide and three floors high Yacht is located at 55 km/h. 15 sea dogs find it out of place, six can sleep and make yourself comfortable. For hot or relaxing sounds, as in the Lexus cars, a Surround-Sound System with Subwoofer for Mark Levinson.

Never boring, and Lexus

However, as Lexus from the street came into the water? Just as the world’s most famous beauty competition for high-quality classic Cars on the site of the “Pebble Beach”Golf course in California, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda was a light: In talks criticized journalists a few years ago, Lexus cars are built superbly, but rather boring, and visually respectable. And the brand have a clear positioning. This criticism sass. From there, the grandson of Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda took over the direct responsibility for the brand. Meanwhile, the sports car RC and the sports coupe the LC (ab 2020 also as a convertible) for the fun of driving on the road, and a joy for the eye. That is not enough: Toyoda realized the Lifestyle potential of the brand. He was determined to ensure that the Lexus a more emotional brand, and that the words “appear to be boring” and “Lexus” never in the same sentence.

Driving without a captain’s patent for the

With the Yacht LY 650 him. Even challenging the super-rich are in Favor of the dream ship. The typical customer is for Akio Toyoda, a man, “is so well known that he can barely move freely in Public”. This Yacht offers according to Toyoda, an oasis, to be undisturbed with selected Confidants recover. And the best: On Board a trained professional, with a captain must be patent – well-heeled Hobby seals allowed to operate the Joystick itself. However, he may feel still very safe On Board is the most advanced High-End technology. If the System detects an Irregularity fixed, it automatically sends an SMS message as a warning. And, such as Parking AIDS in cars, state of the art technology on the Yacht, the captain may invest in narrow ports sure.

Soon, Lexus-planes?

a few days Ago, company CEO Toyoda revealed at the presentation of the exclusive Yacht to travel from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton in Florida on a secret: “Lexus, our luxury brand, and we put all of the strength and competence of our group is. And so it is clear that we expand our offering to other forms of mobility.” Specifically, this means: The concept of the Yacht is part of a larger strategy, with the Lexus by a traditional car manufacturer converts to a Lifestyle Brand. Can imagine the Hotel the Japanese, for example, high quality Lounges, culinary engagement, and Design awards. Or, as it is said Yoshihiro Sawa, President of Lexus International, “is according to the elements of earth and water, Lifting up into the air conceivable, for example, with a luxurious private plane.”

entry price from 3.7 million

The first Yacht has already been sold to a US businessman. A second goes to Japan. Although Lexus did not want to confirm that the buyer is Akio Toyoda. The Sunday view driven Version costs just under five million francs. The starting price is at approximately 3.7 million Swiss francs. Water friends can order the Lexus importer in the landlocked country of Switzerland. But beware: In the year only six to seven ships to be built.