How these days so many people also Lewis Hamilton’s angry self-indulgent about those careless citizens who do not adhere to the Output limits and thus not only their own social contacts, but also the entire health system of your country in danger. Now the formula 1 Champion has posted on Instagram a flaming plea for his Fans to interact with.

“There are still people that go to Clubs and Bars and in large groups,” writes Hamilton in a so-called Story, which was deleted from Instagram after 24 hours automatically. Such behaviour was “totally irresponsible and selfish,” he criticizes.

Hamilton says he was “sad” to hear every day of so many dead around the world, and he will pray for the supermarket vendors, suppliers, Physicians, and nurses “who are risking their own health to help others and to keep the country Running”.

Lewis Hamilton: I’m not with Corona

infected “If you can, use this time to your own life and your Situation, and how you change things in the future”, calls on the 35-Year-old his Fans. “I hope people realize through all of this how precious health is, how to treat your own body, and that it is so important, what you eat and how you deal with personal hygiene.”

In a previous Instagram Post, Hamilton had admonished his Followers to take the issue of Coronavirus pandemic seriously, and specifically shown how to wash themselves in the current Situation the hands.

he Also made it clear in another post that he is not infected with SARS-CoV-2, even though he was recently Infected in contact. This was brought home to the public, as in the Internet photos of Hamilton with his PAL Idris Elba showed up. The actor has been little tested later positive.

“We take our lives for granted. I hope that this will change,” Hamilton said.

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