Great for “Let’s Dance”-champion Ekaterina Leonova (32): After the Russian professional dancer Let on Friday along with Ex-professional handball player Pascal Hens (39) the RTL-Show “let’s Dance” won, out of now: The 32-Year-old threatens to be in your home country to be deported!

eleven years Ago, moved Leoanova from Volgograd to Cologne (D), was discovered there for “Let’s Dance”. With success: Already for the third Time, she swung with a Celebrity in the dance consignment obenaus, went in Germany, the Star.

after 11 years, with Germany?

But despite the prominent status of a Problem: she is a freelance dancer, for the permanent residence permit, you need a solid employer. You have a temporary residence permit, she says the broadcaster RTL. “I have to take care of me always, that my visa will be extended.”

The Russian has now weeks of anxiety in front of you, can only hope that the approval will be extended again this Time. In July, they expect to be in this news, says you. For the Tanzdiva is not clear that they would back in their homeland. “When I’m in Russia, I’m no longer of the mentality fitting in”. (wyt)