The head of the public chamber of the Crimea Alexander Formanchuk said that the Ukrainian journalist Ostap Drozdov, who wished donbasstsam Crimeans death, is a sick man, writes RIA “Novosti”.

“This man, pathologically hates the Crimea, Donbass, all Russian, he is a sick man. He is ill with an incurable virus of Ukrainian nationalism. I watched it on Ukrainian TV, he is. He outdid many of the nationalists in this capacity,” said Formanchuk .

Also the head of the Crimean public chamber said on a possible new blockade by Ukraine. He noted that Kiev has already tried all possible blockade: the overlap of water and electricity. But nothing good ever came of it.

Formerly “Express Gazeta” wrote that the 41-year-old journalist Ostap Drozdov wished the residents of Crimea and Donbas “die” for Pro-Russian stance. Lviv promoter explained that he is a supporter of the “total” blockade of Donbass and Crimea. Their inhabitants, according to Drozdova, deserve death.