Singer Grigory Leps in Instagram warmly and tenderly congratulated his wife Anna Sablikova happy birthday. The wife of a musician on may 13 was 48 years old. As noted by a popular singer, he wants his wife to be funny and clever. He also believes that every girl’s dream will come true. He promised to make every effort in this direction.

“thanks for the children and taking care of us. Wishing you good health, great mood and happiness!”

A post shared by Grigory Leps (@gvleps) on May 13, 2020 at 12:52am PDT

Grigory Leps Note that the wife gave Grigory Leps three children. From her his daughter Eva and Nicole, and a son, Ivan, who recently turned ten years old.

Anna Sablikova the second wife of composer and musician. He was previously married to singer Svetlana Dubinsky. With her he had met in music school in Sochi. Svetlana studied at the vocal Department and Leps played the drums. From these relations, in 1984, was born his eldest daughter Inga.