the Russian singer Grigory Leps has closed its culinary shop “Cakes” on Pyatnitskaya street in Central Moscow. This writes StarHit.

Deprived of work, of the staff say that during the epidemic of the coronavirus, the business has become unprofitable. Moreover, they note that the shop opened a year ago, has not brought to the singer expected income. However, the Leps stayed in the restaurant business is a musician owns the popular drink “vodka” and the restaurant “Forest”.

Also, the Leps have their own line of glasses. In addition, the singer owns a stake in jewelry company. During the epidemic of Leps submitted an application to receive direct payments from the state in the amount of one minimum wage per worker, but was refused. The reason for this reduction of more than 10 percent of employees.

After that Leps called complaining about the plight of artists to work with. According to him, in difficult situations were not just pop stars. “We have to work! Above him, at least. One such opinion may be different to another. But “the plight of artists” — is the wrong policy. And who it is not disastrous?” the singer has said, thinking about the miners, farmers and pensioners.