the Lens is extra sad today, she’s going to the vet with her seven-year-old golden retriever, Jytte, that is has got it worse.

The four-legged golden retriever – Jyttemor – is a big star in ‘the Family from Bryggen’, in which she follows her own Lens Kessler in thick and thin, but the Lens is concerned, how long it can go yet. Jytte has since puppy a bit of arthritis, but the older she gets, the more worn is all of her joints.

The 17. december 2017 was the last time the Lens gave a deeper update on Jyttes health, and then proved she’s great concern for his faithful companion, but now, three years after she is there again.

In a story on Instagram tells the Lens of her concerns for Terry.

“It’s hard for me to say it here. But it is not going well with Josephine. It has not done in a while. She has just a gallop sometime in between, where I think “yes drops medication and it all just runs on rails”. But it is perhaps one gallop out of the 14 days. She is completely gobbled up of osteoarthritis,” tells the Lens in its story.

Although the Lens is good to give Terry a break for legekammeraten Torben, there is Linses another dog in only two years, so take it at Jyttes forces.

“I must not give the devil on the wall, but I am actually also not the type who makes. But I do not think in my pink bubble, that everything is good, because Josephine can go on the port and peeing and back again. You have to be realistic.”

To the vet today

Lens and Jytte must in the day to their regular veterinarian, who knows Michael very well, and as Lens rely much on.

“She (the vet red.) has promised that we are realistic together. Now we must see what happens, but we must look at it,” said Lens, who do not dare to think anymore.

“the Idea that Michael and I have each other, I can’t imagine, and I can’t think of right now,” says the Lens, in a story on Instagram.

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