Linse Kessler has had to say goodbye to one of his beloved dogs.

The writing realitystjernen even on Instagram.

this tells the Lens that her golden retriever ‘Jytte’, could not be more.

Even though the Lens does not write it directly, it appears from the advert that she had to make the difficult decision to get the dog killed.

‘today at 15.30 checked Jyttemor out, her body could do no more, and I, as Michael’s best friend, had to make the right decision,’ she writes.

She adds that she and her other dog ‘Torben’ got to say a dignified goodbye.

‘Turbo Torben and I got to say fine, see you soon, here at home in our apartment. What a great friend I have lost in day. I’m so unhappy. Over and out…’

Linses golden retriever is a big star in ‘the Family from Bryggen’, where it follows its owner in thick and thin.

the Dog, however, has a bit of arthritis, since it was a puppy, and the disease is only getting worse with age.

on Monday wrote a Lens on Instagram that she was on the way to the vet with Josephine, and that she feared for the future.

‘the Idea that Michael and I have each other, I can’t imagine, and I can’t think of right now.”

Lens Kesslers beloved dog was seven years old.