it is one of the most active Celebrities on Instagram, also regularly invites photos and stories on your profile and to talk to it again and again. Now ESC winner Lena Meyer-Landrut (28) has spoken in an Interview about your usage habits on Social Media – and so much interesting to tell.

Lena has 94 friends

So, for example, that it operates in addition to your main Account, with her 2.8 million Fans to follow, two more Profiles: one private Account as well as a Stalker-Account, as you said to “”. “I have a private Account, where I post the life from my private life,” the musician. There are 94 people would follow a small circle of friends so.

stalking, especially Insta-stories

But what is it with this Stalker Account on? “I have, of course, to stalk,” says you. There you stalking especially stories. Whom you observed, specifically, secretly, want to Meyer-not a few, however, give price. On the other hand, that you have on this Account a special user name that consists of a “complete combination of numbers, letters, and Numbers, and so on”. “Really fancy, really Stalker moderately.”

Really often online, you don’t be on this profile, however, limits the singer. “Relatively rare,” she says. “I’m actually mostly with my normal Lena-Meyer-Landrut-Account online.” (wyt)